The Entrepreneurial Skills for the Information Technology Industry course has been specifically designed for students in fields like software engineering, computer science, robotics, and other tech-focused programs, this course provides the exact skills these students need to launch their own startups one day. It covers everything from building prototypes and MVPs to company formation, finances, marketing, PR, and strategic planning.

Students will study billionaire entrepreneur role models in the tech industry to learn what makes them so successful. They'll develop their own million-dollar business ideas and learn how to pitch them to gather a strong founding team and attract investors. The course even covers more advanced strategies like international expansion, e-commerce solutions, and planning a lucrative company exit.

Whether the students aspire to launch the next big unicorn startup or use entrepreneurial thinking to stand out in the tech industry, the Entrepreneurial Skills for Information Technology Industry course will equip them with the mindset and functional toolkit to get there.

Online classes will start on the 13 February and will be recorded.

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