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ESN Ioannina is a non-profit, non-political student organization for the Erasmus students of Ioannina. It is part of the International Exchange Erasmus Student Network, a European-wide student organisation, created to support and develop student exchange. ESN Ioannina cooperates closely with the ESN sections of the other universities of Greece in order to improve the Erasmus mobility period of exchange students in Ioannina, in all aspects, ranging from their academic to their everyday lives. ESN network has more than 480 local sections in 36 countries working in Higher Educational Institutes and is being organized on a local, national and international level with approximately 13.000 active working members. The network is in direct contact with more than 80.000 international-minded students.


The vision and mission of Erasmus Student Network were discussed and approved in the Annual General Meeting in Utrecht in March 2009.

Enrichment of society through international students

ESN is the key volunteer student organization in international higher education in Europe. ESN provides opportunities for cultural understanding and self-development under the principle of SHS - Students Helping Students.

The values of Erasmus Student Network that all members stand and work for, are:

- unity in the diversity, diversity in the unity (we all have different backgrounds, but share one common aim and goal),

- students helping students (ESN passionately commits to volunteering for the benefit of others),

- ​fun in friendship and respect (ESN enjoys relations based on respect),

- international dimension of life (ESN members are open-minded and mobile, they like to discover and explore, to cooperate and to interact, to break borders),

- love for Europe as an area of peace and cultural exchange (we live and benefit from the cultural richness of Europe to the utmost),

- openness with tolerance (we understand and accept others and learn from them) and 

- cooperation in the integration (we share an holistic view towards internationality).

ESN Ioannina 

It has been a member of the Greece family since 1991 after being established in 2004 by volunteer students. Most of them have already participated in the Erasmus program and have been deeply motivated to share the Erasmus “dream” and the multicultural interaction. The main vision is included in the followings:

1) support and provide information for students, interested in living the Erasmus experience abroad.
2) assist the incoming students to live the most unforgettable time in all aspects. In that way buddy system is implemented as well as warm up welcome days, theme parties and activities in order to achieve the best adaptation and integration into Greek society.


Location: ESN Office Next to Post Office (University Campus)




Εντυπωσεις φοιτητων


Πέντε μήνες στο Μπρνο της Τσεχίας


Στην παραπάνω φωτογραφία είμαι εγώ και οι ξένοι(ευρωπαίοι και μη) φίλοι μου στην Ιρλανδία όπου γνωριστήκαμε.

ΔΙΟΥ Χρύσα

Η δική μου εμπειρία Erasmus ξεκινά στις 30 Αυγούστου του 2014.


Φλέρταρα με την ιδέα του Erasmus από το πρώτο έτος των σπουδών.


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